Three Tips for Body Image: Summer Edition

As the warm breeze of summer begins to blow, it’s not uncommon for conversations to drift towards body image. With the season’s attire often being more revealing, many of us, including friends and family, might find ourselves wrestling with increased negative thoughts about our bodies. Today I’d like to discuss three tips for body image with summer around the corner. The journey to embracing one’s body can indeed be daunting and challenging. If you’re finding yourself in this struggle, here are three practical steps to foster a healthier body image during these sunlit months:

  1. Spend intentional time with your closet: Consider giving away clothes that don’t fit. Or, put those clothes away in a different part of your home. If this feels overwhelming, break it down:”I’m going to work on cleaning out my closet for ten minutes today.” There may be feelings that come up for you with this. If that is the case, it is so normal and ok. Name the feeling & ask yourself what you need to move through it in a healthy way. Maybe sharing with your best friend could be helpful. Or, journaling about some of the grief there. Whatever it is, resist the urge to judge this experience around your clothes.
  2. Nourish and Care for Your Body: Each day, take a moment to tune into your body’s needs. Ask yourself, “What does my body need today?” This could be adequate sleep, sufficient food, staying hydrated, resting, enjoying movement, or connecting with loved ones. Addressing these basic needs is fundamental to cultivating a positive relationship with your body. It’s about honoring your body’s requirements rather than critiquing its appearance.
  3. Adopt a Broader Perspective: It’s easy to fall into a cycle of rigid and critical thoughts about our bodies, which can lead to feelings of disgust, anger, or shame. When you catch yourself in these patterns, practice stepping back. Try to view these thoughts objectively by saying, “I am noticing that I am having the thought that…” This approach helps detach from harmful narratives and realigns you with your core values. Remember, thoughts are merely thoughts—they are not always truths. Recognizing this can be a powerful step towards body peace.

Summer can be a season of joy and relaxation, even if you are navigating body image concerns. By applying these tips, you’re not just working towards more body respect, but also embracing a summer filled with self-compassion and understanding. At Anchored Counseling Co., we believe in supporting you through each step of this journey. Remember, you’re not alone, and we’re here, rooting for your peace and happiness.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: “Today, I choose to see my body as a companion on my journey, deserving of care and respect. I celebrate each step towards acceptance and peace, knowing that my value extends far beyond my appearance.”

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