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Treatment for Eating Disorders in Brentwood, TN

Our eating disorder treatment philosophy

We believe that eating disorders are complex biological, psychological, and social mental illnesses that develop due to genetic and environmental factors. If you struggle in your relationship with food or your body, you are not alone. It makes sense why so many individuals struggle in their relationship with food or their bodies, because we live in a diet culture that celebrates disordered behaviors.

At Anchored Counseling Co., we believe eating disorders are about the food, and they also aren’t. Essentially, the behaviors around food are symptomatic of underlying emotional avoidance and unmet needs. No two eating disorders are the same, and therefore you are deserving of your own unique treatment plan.

Mirror on wall, Eating Disorder Treatment, Nashville, TN

Our role as therapists is to work with clients on tolerating emotional distress, leaning into their emotions versus avoiding them, practicing cognitive flexibility, supporting clients in living out their values, addressing faulty thinking patterns, setting appropriate boundaries in diet culture settings, and building support with safe individuals. We believe that full recovery is possible and you can learn to live at peace with food and your body.

We treat the following diagnoses:

**It is important to note that you are deserving of professional care, even if you do not meet criteria for a diagnosis.**

Symptoms of eating disorders may include:

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