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Our Trauma Recovery and PTSD Treatment philosophy

Many people have experienced traumatic events and are not fully aware that they have been through a trauma. Trauma can be a single event that we go through, or it can be chronic. Examples of trauma include a car wreck, sexual assault, interpersonal conflict, a partner having an affair, or losing a pet. Trauma can also occur in our developmental years (referred to as developmental trauma). Sometimes, we experience a trauma and come out on the other side without being “traumatized.” However, oftentimes while experiencing a trauma or directly following the trauma, we do not have the opportunity to process with safe people. As a result, we may internalize negative beliefs, images, emotions and physical sensations about ourselves and the trauma itself. Our interpretation of the event(s) itself is what can be problematic or go on to cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Healing from a traumatic event or PTSD requires safety, time and intention. We heal from our trauma by processing the event with a safe person. Additionally, we heal from our trauma by grieving the trauma itself and learning how to reintegrate this part of our story into our lives. There are several therapeutic modalities we use at Anchored Counseling Co. to treat clients who have been through a trauma or who are diagnosed with PTSD.

Trauma & PTSD treatments:

Symptoms of PTSD may include:

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