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Therapy for Depression in Franklin, TN

Our depression treatment philosophy

Depression also affects many individuals and symptoms present in a variety of ways. Maybe you struggle with experiencing joy from things that previously brought you joy. Maybe you struggle to get out of bed or to find motivation to complete tasks. Perhaps you struggle with low self-worth or suicidality. Psychotherapy can shift our relationship to depression by naming and validating our emotional experiences, naming, identifying, and living out our values, developing healthier ways of coping, and figuring out what is and isn’t working in our daily routines. 

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Below is a list of treatments we utilize for the treatment of depression:

You are capable of changing your relationship to your depression and capable of developing alternative ways of coping, tolerating distress, and living according to your values. There is no shame in reaching out to talk through concerns around depression!

Symptoms of depression may include:

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