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Therapy for Anxiety in Franklin, TN

Our anxiety treatment philosophy

Many people across the world struggle with anxiety. You may worry about what others think of you in social settings or overthink work responsibilities. Perhaps you experience difficulty concentrating or ruminate on conversations you’ve had  with a friend or loved one. Maybe you live in a state of “worst-case scenario” situations. Regardless of how you experience anxiety, you deserve appropriate treatment. Psychotherapy can shift our relationship to our anxiety by supporting us in addressing faulty thinking, developing mindfulness and grounding skills, building our support system, and learning to tolerate uncertainty. 

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Below is a list of treatments we utilize for the treatment of anxiety:

You are capable of changing your relationship to your anxiety and capable of developing alternative ways of coping, tolerating distress, and living according to your values. There is no shame in reaching out to talk through concerns around anxiety!

Symptoms of anxiety may include:

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