Mental Health Matters: Reflecting on the Past, Embracing Change, and Aiming for Thriving in 2024

Embracing Our Mental Health Journey

As we step into 2024, it’s inspiring to see the ongoing efforts to reduce mental health stigma. Whether you’re actively engaged in therapy or exploring other forms of support, it’s crucial to recognize that caring for your mental health can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Reflecting on 2023: Celebrating Your Strengths and Challenges

As we bid farewell to 2023, take a moment to reflect on your achievements and the challenges you’ve overcome. This isn’t just about self-congratulation; it’s about validating your journey and recognizing your resilience. Ask yourself: What are you proud of? What difficult situations did you navigate successfully? Whether it’s through writing, sharing with a friend, or contemplation during a walk, acknowledging these experiences is vital for personal growth.

Looking Forward to 2024: Embracing Change and Supporting Mental Health

As you ponder the year ahead, consider what changes you’d like to make. These changes could range from improving communication with your partner to taking more vacation days for self-care. Embrace these desires for change without shame or guilt.

  1. Identifying Areas of Growth: Reflect on aspects of your life that might be impacting your mental health. This could be internal pressures like perfectionism or external factors like unsatisfying relationships. Recognizing these areas is the first step towards positive change.
  2. Making Small, Impactful Shifts: Consider making a ‘one-degree shift’ in your habits or choices. Small changes, like not checking work emails after hours or taking time before committing to requests, can have lasting positive impacts on your mental well-being.
  3. Surviving, Living, or Thriving: Assess where you are on this spectrum. Are you just surviving day-to-day, living with occasional joys, or thriving in harmony with your values and connections? It’s okay to be in any of these stages. The goal is to move towards a state where you feel connected to yourself and others, living a life aligned with your values.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

2024 is a new chapter, and taking care of your mental health is more important than ever. It’s not just about surviving or even just living; it’s about thriving. Remember, mental health is a journey, not a destination. It involves continuous growth, learning, and adaptation. Embrace this journey with kindness and compassion towards yourself and others.

Becoming Anchored in Hope,


To dive a little deeper into identifying and understanding our feelings, I love this chart…super informative and helpful.

Affirmation of the Day:

“I acknowledge my past achievements and challenges, understanding that each experience contributes to my strength and resilience.”

Laura is committed to guiding individuals along their path to mental wellness and has carefully gathered a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and committed therapists at Anchored Counseling Company to assist in this mission. The professionals here create an environment that is supportive and affirming, informed by an understanding of trauma. At Anchored Counseling Co., there’s a shared belief in the fundamental worth of each person, and therapy is delivered with warmth and empathy. The therapeutic philosophy here is built on the premise that every client has the natural ability to enact meaningful and enduring change in their life. To connect with a therapist who aligns with your unique needs, please contact our office at 615.510.3797 or visit our website today.

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