How to Nurture Safety Within Yourself and Your Relationships: A Guide to Healing from Trauma

At Anchored Counseling Co., we believe in the power of creating a safe space—not just within our walls but within ourselves. As we embark on this journey together through our blog series, we aim to explore the profound significance of safety in healing from trauma. Today, let’s delve into understanding safety, recognizing its absence, and nurturing it within us and in our relationships.

Understanding Safety: A Personal Reflection

Safety is a concept that varies greatly among individuals, influenced deeply by personal experiences and the essence of one’s being. When we think of safety, it’s essential to start with introspection. Ask yourself, “What does safety mean to me?” For many, including myself, safety means being able to express thoughts and opinions freely, feeling grounded and connected to one’s values and healthy self, without the need for a filter. This personal reflection is the foundation upon which we build our understanding and appreciation of safety in our lives.

Recognizing the Absence of Safety

Trauma can often leave us with a recurring theme of unsafety, a profound sense that safety has been breached in physical, emotional, spiritual, or sexual aspects of our lives. These breaches can manifest in various forms, such as physical harm, emotional invalidation, or spiritual bypassing—where our experiences and feelings are minimized or dismissed. Recognizing these signs of unsafety is a crucial step towards healing.

Nurturing Safety Within

The journey to nurturing safety begins with a deep dive into our past experiences of safety and unsafety. Reflect on these questions:

  • “When have I felt truly safe?”
  • “What physical sensations accompany feelings of safety?”
  • “What emotions and thoughts arise in me when I feel safe?”

Understanding your personal indicators of safety is the first step in reclaiming your sense of security.

Fostering Safety in Relationships

Feeling safe with others is just as important as feeling safe within ourselves. Safe people often exhibit qualities such as respect for boundaries, honoring of requests, validation of emotions, and assertive communication. Identifying these traits in others helps us cultivate relationships that reinforce our sense of safety and well-being.

The Ongoing Process of Building Safety

Healing from trauma and building safety is not an overnight process. It requires continuous effort, introspection, and adjustment. As we grow and change, our definitions of safety and the people who embody it may also evolve. This journey involves building trust in ourselves and our ability to make decisions that nurture our safety.

We encourage you to approach this process with curiosity and without shame. It’s about learning from our experiences, understanding our reactions, and making intentional choices to support our mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational health.


“With every step of introspection, I build a stronger foundation of trust within myself, knowing that my feelings of safety are valid and important.”

Becoming Anchored in Hope,


Laura is committed to guiding individuals along their path to mental wellness and has carefully gathered a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and committed therapists at Anchored Counseling Company to assist in this mission. The professionals here create an environment that is supportive and affirming, informed by an understanding of trauma. At Anchored Counseling Co., there’s a shared belief in the fundamental worth of each person, and therapy is delivered with warmth and empathy. The therapeutic philosophy here is built on the premise that every client has the natural ability to enact meaningful and enduring change in their life. To connect with a therapist who aligns with your unique needs, please contact our office at 615.510.3797 or visit our website today.

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