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Grief Therapy in Brentwood, TN

Our grief treatment philosophy

Grief is widely misunderstood, minimized, avoided, or dismissed in the culture we live in. The reality is, grief can, and does, impact all of us. Our symptoms of grief show up differently depending on our prior experiences, the context, and our current life situation.

Grief is hard. Grief is messy. Grief is the space between our
expectations and reality. Grief shows up after losing a love one
(spouse, boyfriend, sibling, child, for example). Grief can hit us
immediately following a tragedy or more randomly, depending on our capacity to feel emotion(s) at any given time after a loss.

We may experience seasons of grief in our life in many different
ways-through tragedy, loss, unmet desires, waiting, and more. Our own ability to tolerate emotions determines our ability to work through our grief and hold space for others to work through theirs. Working through our grief takes time, intention,
thoughtfulness, and connection with the people who love us well.

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Therapy for grief can be a helpful resource in navigating all the complexities that grief holds. Therapy provides a safe space to feel your feelings without judgment, and to navigate your path forward. We honor your grief and everything it represents. We also know that there is hope in the darkest of circumstances and stand with you. There is no shame in needing or seeking professional


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