Natalie Smoot, LPC-MHSP

Clinical Team Lead

Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Services Provider

Natalie Smoot, Brentwood, TN Women's Therapy

My approach:

Natalie’s hope in counseling is to provide a trusting space where honest conversations can occur. She values helping clients see their own worth by building self-compassion and learning to love themselves in the bodies they have, coming from the Health at Every Size viewpoint. Natalie believes in the recovery that comes with unwinding negative core beliefs, challenging fears (both internal and external), and making choices to the betterment of self. Her goal is to motivate clients to shake off distorted views of food and diet culture while working alongside them to finding peace and wholeness. Expect empathy, encouragement, humor, and direct discussion in sessions with Natalie.

I enjoy working with:

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • eating disorders, all diagnoses
  • mood disorders
  • adolescents & family systems​

Therapies I use:

More about me:

Outside of therapy, Natalie enjoys being outdoors, exploring new areas, and reading.

Natalie Smoot adjusting pillow, Women's Therapy in Nashville, TN

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