Megan Chase, LPC-MHSP

licensed professional counselor and mental health services provider

Megan Chase, Brentwood, TN Women's' Therapy

My approach:

Megan is passionate about helping others heal and grow in their journeys, and is honored to work alongside her clients. She prioritizes safety in the therapeutic relationship, so others can feel open to be authentically themselves without fear of judgement or shame. Her counseling approach rests on empathy, collaboration, and compassion. Megan utilizes a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach, which focuses on body inclusivity and diversity. She believes all bodies are worthy of acceptance. Megan is a strong believer in encouraging and empowering clients in sessions. 

I enjoy working with:

  • grief, clients who have experienced loss, either loss of a loved one, life transition, or more abstract and ambiguous loss.
  • eating disorders, all diagnoses and clients who also struggled with disordered eating and body image issues.
  • trauma, childhood trauma, abuse (i.e. physical, sexual, and verbal), and traumatic grief.
  • clients who struggle with self-criticism and self-deprecation who want to find relief from negative self-talk and want to experience a more compassionate approach towards self.
  • OCD and high anxiety

Therapies I use:

More about me:

Megan has worked in an outpatient treatment center where she provided therapy to clients who were working through issues with substance use prior to working in a private practice. Outside of working with clients, she enjoys spending time with her dog and husband, being outside in nature, finding the best latte in Nashville, and reading fiction books. 

Anchored Counseling Co Team, Franklin TN Women's Therapy

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