Mary Ellen Alexander, M.A.-i

Masters level intern

Mary Ellen Alexander, Brentwood, TN Women's Therapy

My approach:

Mary Ellen has a heart for helping people heal—mind, body, and spirit. She views health and well-being through a holistic lens and finds deep satisfaction in assisting people on their journey back to congruency within themselves. Mary Ellen greatly values authenticity which is infused through her counseling approach along with deep compassion, a fortitude of resilience, inspiration, hope, and practicality. She believes with an atmosphere of presence, safety, acceptance, and belonging, transformation can naturally occur. Mary Ellen loves discovering the beauty in every individual and considers it pure joy in helping clients realize, acknowledge,
and claim the core of who they truly are.

I enjoy working with:

  • Clients suffering with body image and/or body dysmorphia
  • Clients who struggle with disordered eating/eating disorders
  • Clients who feel a loss of identity
  • Supporting parents of children with eating disorders
  • I also thoroughly enjoy teaching and providing psycho-education on eating disorders and​ mental health!

Therapies I use:

More about me:

Mary Ellen is in the process of pursing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. For the past seven years, she has served as a nutritionist for a residential treatment center in the Nashville area. In her work with women and nutrition, she realized more knowledge and experience was needed to help her clients heal and grow on a deeper level. This led her to
apply to Belmont University’s Masters in Mental Health Counseling program. In her free time, she loves exploring farmers markets, painting with mixed media, arranging flowers, creating vibrant and beautiful meals, porch talks with close friends, anything in the sunshine and of course, her dog, River!

“Life makes sense when we are centered in our own hearts and let go of resisting how our unique journey needs to unfold in its own beautifully unruly way.” —unknown

meditation, Anxiety Therapy, Brentwood, TN

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